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The blue forest
16 May 2007

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30 April 2007

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Near the top
9 April 2007

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Michael on Old harbour building
Great! Yep, I feel also about these old buildings!

Jen on The blue forest
Very psychohdelic (sp? )

Kheoh Yee Wei on Taken For Granted
interesting shot!

Manuela Photography on Old Boat Dock
Excellent contrast with a paint feeling!

Evie on Taken For Granted
Nice concept photo.

Evie on oops!! we spilt some
Love the expressions on their faces. Interesting PP work too.

Still on Taken For Granted
Nice post processing!

Kairospix on Taken For Granted
whoa! thought-provoking shot!

Damon Schreiber on oops!! we spilt some
Very cute (kids) and a wonderfully creative image. Love the overall blueness! Sorry I haven't had time to comment ...

objectif-P on Taken For Granted
assez psychédélique. j'aime beaucooup

badala on Taken For Granted
Wonderful, but it creeps me out!

Jen on Taken For Granted
Freaky there Bas! Love the skull...and commentary!!!

Art Monkey on Taken For Granted
took me a while to notice the skull - very scary - but a nice concept

Ken McCoy on Taken For Granted
Man, you're freakin' me out! Interesting that I've just finished reading a fiction novel inspired by ...

Bumble on Old Boat Dock
Oo. very edgy. nice.

Addey Kehinde on Taken For Granted
lovin your bold experimentations! Keep it up, man!

craiger on Taken For Granted
Man that is spooky! This would be a great post for Halloween (not sure if you guys do Halloween in Great Briton or not ...

jackgirl on oops!! we spilt some
interesting work unique and creative

SPunkt on Has anybody seen E.T. ??
Great idea! What I am wondering about ... how can that bike go on flying without ET? It wasn't ET who made the ...

SPunkt on stone pots
Cool shot and pp! Reminds me of a children TV series I have once seen - but cannot remember really. But the world ...

Alfredo J. Martiz J. on oops!! we spilt some
Funny, unique interpretation and interesting processing!

Duncan Galbraith on oops!! we spilt some
great stuff basfalcon! unique interpretation and I just love those two expressions. priceless!

craiger on oops!! we spilt some

Art Monkey on oops!! we spilt some
great interpretation of the water theme - love it! - you really have a distinctive style

Jen on oops!! we spilt some
Stunning!!! You do the most incredible pp work!! I wish I had just a bit of your skills!

Jen on Old Boat Dock
Great shot Billy!!!

Damon Schreiber on Old Boat Dock
Beautiful and creative. Just enough detail to set the scene.

Evie on Old Boat Dock
Nice treatment - looks like a poster.

Duncan Galbraith on Old Boat Dock
Im digging the high contrast approach here. Very stark and imposing picture.

Jason Kravitz on Old Boat Dock
nice minimalist tones - I like the slight reflection on the water.

Alfredo J. Martiz J. on Old Boat Dock
Nice contrast, great work!

craiger on Old Boat Dock
Yes, love the contrast! Excellent work!

Art Monkey on Old Boat Dock
love the contrast - you are sooooo creative basfalcon!

H.O on Old Boat Dock
creative work. nice one :)

Ken McCoy on Spike
nice "paper" goes well with the leaves.

KM Faisal on Spike
nice shot

craiger on Spike
I like this effect!

Manuela Photography on how green is your grass ?

Bronnie on Spike
Stand back he looks dangerous!!

Jen on Spike
Great effect...for a great plant!!

badala on Has anybody seen E.T. ??
Wow, great imagination.

Stunner on Has anybody seen E.T. ??
Nice work basfalcon! Let's hope he caught one of those branches lol!

Art Monkey on Has anybody seen E.T. ??
this is great - you are very creative and funny

Jen on Has anybody seen E.T. ??
ohhhh nooooo Elllliotttttt!!!! Phone Home ET, sorry Bas couldn't help it! You are truly an expert in the ps ...

Still on how green is your grass ?
Very creative! Fine idea!

Still on grass
Nature is beautiful...

craiger on grass
You did the grass justice with "how green is your grass"

Art Monkey on grass
this is nice in itself because the light is so nice on the grass - but I do like the effect of your previous post!

Lia on how green is your grass ?
This is really great!!! I love the symmetry!

Art Monkey on how green is your grass ?
that is too cool - can I ask how you did it?

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